It's a great time to start a business in Chewelah!

Chewelah is located just 45 minutes north of Spokane and is a dynamic growing community that is maintaining its small town feel. As the hub of recreational activity, Chewelah has a walkable, eclectic downtown district with a growing variety of shops, services, and restaurants.

Starting a business in Chewelah is simple. There's no requirement for business licensing and a skilled & ready workforce.  It's also a safe and bustling place for your employees to relocate with lower than average home prices, a regional hospital, a fantastic school system, a vibrant arts community, and reasonable property taxes.

Business Resources

4 Degrees
4 Degrees
All Ways Caring
All Ways Caring
Avista Utilities
Banner Bank mao
Banner Bank
Untitled design (14)
Bellevue General Contractors, Inc. D.B.A. Chewelah Painting
Chewelah Center for the Arts (PACA)
City Hall
Chewelah City Administrator
New Chew Comm Health
Chewelah Community Health Center
CGCC Logo (601x394)
Chewelah Golf & Country Club
Untitled design (18)
Chewelah Peak Learning Center

Business Events

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