Turkey Hunting

Turkey Hunting Maps & Information

Turkiey_HuntingThis link will take you to maps that display areas on public land in Stevens, Ferry and Pend Oreille counties that offer good opportunities for finding turkeys during the spring hunting season and all of which are open for hunting. Some of the areas border private land and the owners might or might not allow hunting. Respect private property: do not trespass on private land without the landowner’s permission.

Most of the mapped areas are warm, dry environments where turkeys can find forage and insects during the winter and spring months. However, conditions vary from year to year, depending on the weather. Turkeys occupy a variety of environments and often follow the snow line as it retreats to higher elevations during the spring months. These maps only serve as a guide to some of the better spring turkey hunting areas, they are not a substitute for good scouting on your part, and they hold no guarantee of success.

The maps were created cooperatively with the Colville National Forest, Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, Washington Department of Natural Resources, Little Pend Oreille National Wildlife Refuge, Bureau of Land Management, National Wild Turkey Federation members, and other members of the public. Special thanks go to Map Metrics and the Colville Chamber of Commerce for their support.

The maps are available in two formats, either a view in Google Maps or a download for Google Earth. The Google Maps version allows quick viewing by clicking buttons for terrain, a satellite image, or a general location map. Once you have zoomed in to a view, you can toggle the turkey map on and off for better viewing. The quality of the satellite imagery varies across the three county area.

If you choose the download, once Google Earth has opened you can change how each polygon looks by right-clicking on the folder in “Places” and choosing “Properties” from the pulldown menu. In the [Edit Placemark] or [Edit Folder] box that opens, choose the “Style, Color” tab and either change the properties there or, if it’s an option, click on the “Share style” button to open another box.

Good luck hunting! Be safe. Know your target.